What is a Deva cut?

It is a methodology and series of techniques designed specifically for curly hair.  This method creates the most defined, healthy, and frizz-free results. The hair is cut dry, so that our stylists can work with your hair as it lives, allowing the final result to accurately reflect the unique pattern of each curl. Your hair is then washed, conditioned, and styled with curly friendly products that your stylist selects to achieve your individual hair goals. You leave our salon with your hair dry and styled. (PS- Your stylist will let you know which products they used to style your hair- they will be available to check out in our retail section!)

It’s my first curly cut, how should I wear my hair to the appointment?

Your hair must be DRY, DOWN, DETANGLED, and SHOWING ITS NATURAL CURL. It is fine to have styling product in it, but not any straightening product. Natural curl means not stretched out by ponytails, buns, braids, hats, or bike helmets. The stylist needs to see your hair as it naturally lives, as it will be cut dry.

How much is a Deva cut?

Most curly cuts are $95, but it can range from $65 to $120 depending on hair length, density, and curl pattern.

Do you use only DevaCurl products?

Not at all. We are a curly hair salon, not a DevaCurl salon. We have a wide selection of curly lines and are happy to use whichever products best suit our clients or whichever brands they prefer. Just let your stylist know if you have a preference.

Why are curly cuts more expensive than straight cuts?

Curly cuts take a lot longer to complete.  A curly cut usually takes 90 minutes but can take up to 120 minutes.  A straight cut takes 45 to 60 minutes.

What’s gender neutral pricing?

It means our pricing is based on the hair we are working with, not the gender identity of the client. We don’t charge different prices based on gender identity.

Do you have a student or senior discount on services?

Yes. 10%.

How much do your services cost for kids?

We apply a 30% discount for kids 12 and under.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Debit, Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

Do you have a product I’m looking for?

If you would like to check if we carry a specific product, please give us a call at (604) 730-2844.

Do you ship product?

Not at this time.